Friday, 29 March 2013

From eternity to here.

The publishing of marks the point at which proper promotion of the artworks produced thus far can finally proceed. I can now direct all visitors and enquiries to this site and over time, build interest, sales and realise some long-held goals and aspirations.

Like the ‘best laid plans of mice and men’, often things just don’t work out as one would have hoped. Frustrations, resistance, and no doubt some excuses thrown in, have delayed this moment by many years.

I had tired of graphic design as a full-time occupation and recall thinking over a decade ago I couldn’t see myself doing that beyond 40... It’s been a struggle – an ongoing one – and, at the end of the day your dreams are but yours alone. That said, the struggle has also been that of my wife Arlene of six years, sharing in a life of limbo. “Sorry, Babe, I’ll make it up to you one day!”

The artworks have been produced for some months now, essentially for an exhibition held in November 2012. Beware the gallery owner claiming contacts and databases! The entire exhibition experience was a joke at my expense – bugger-all promotion, attendance and opportunity. More about that one day...

At this point I’d like to thank Shaun Gardener for the Take Notice soundtrack, Scott Creswick for the YouTube video and Tim Turner for the photo reproductions of the artworks. I recommend all as capable and reliable suppliers in their fields. 

I consider myself an ideas person. I have an archive of concepts I now want to turn into reality. The artworks shown represent concepts that I considered the most appropriate entry point in an introductory and commercial sense. Other more complex productions have been held over for now, but over time I would like to think I could pursue these and also venture into other mediums such as furniture and jewellery. To assist in the development of future works and enterprises I am always interested in building contacts be it with suppliers with necessary expertise and of course possible networks for generating sales and so forth. As such, I wish to build a database of my own – of reliable, talented people I can call on and engage in forthcoming projects and ventures. 

The nature of art & design produced by Take Notice Designs will likely comprise a variety of limited-edition projects over time. That said, I aspire to one day produce large-scale public artworks working with substantial budgets. Short to medium term assistance is likely to be sought from specialists in hi-end water-jet and laser cutting, CNC wire & steel bending, coatings, bonding, pressing/rolling, artist representation, art delivery, grant writing, interior design, architecture, creative & comedy writing, photo retouching, photography, flatbed and newspaper/magazine printing, illustration and so forth.

The prospect of engaging family members to assist with the artworks is a remote possibility. For the time being, operations are on a small scale. My daughter Olivia is currently undertaking a course at one of Melbourne’s design schools, but the vibe is she wants to do her own thing – there’d probably be a clash of wills anyway! If all goes well, perhaps Arlene can become the public face (more attractive than mine) of much of what is produced at Take Notice Designs. My 6yo son Clyde says he wants to help with the artwork, so I may have to wait a while before that happens. In the meantime I’d like to focus on producing more artworks, however this ambition is predicated on sales of the artworks that have already been produced. One day at a time. Let’s see how I go.